A little about us..

We have a long and proud history and have been serving customers for over 35 years.

The history of Falcona dates back to the late 70’s when John Rainbow established a specialist engineering business in South London and began selling his design and manufacturing services.

John designed his first “powered carts” in the late 80’s with the advent of more affordable inverted power solutions. Today, we have our company headquarters in Henley-Upon-Thames in the UK and enjoy manufacturing both locally in the UK and overseas.

Since its formation Falcona has provided a diverse range of engineering services to a host of industries. The team at Falcona has always strived to push manufacturing methods forward to provide the most efficient use of processes and materials for our clients, during the company’s 30 years in business it has been involved with many industries including military,commercial and private telecommunications, logistics and manufacturing, always maintaining the highest levels of service and quality.

Falcon’s management team continues to be be an investor in people and embrace our people-focused model. With our focus based around constant innovation we will continue to deliver successful and sustainable solutions for our clients.