Deploy Your Existing IT Equipment Exactly where and when you need it.

Falcona’s Mobile Powered Cart range is designed with ultimate flexibility in mind and the MPS 1500 and 2000 are the latest models in the range.

These tough, mobile workstations provide independent power for your IT equipment, easily supporting a host of applications. Custom shelving options with printer,  scanner and PC mounts built-in are just  part of the appeal.

The integrated multi-stage battery charger keeps our mobile workstations ready to go 24/7. You can choose to run the unit from the dual battery pack, doubling the power capacity, or alternatively, one battery can be charged separately and hot swapped when power is running low.

Falcona’s rugged mobile workstations increase staff productivity as they take their computer and tools with them, enabling them to work at any location.

The mobile carts are ideal for receiving, inspecting, recording, warehouse labelling and re-routing products in and out of goods receiving.  Tasks such as inventory checks, quiality control monitoring, product labelling and packaging can be handled using the same workstation, removing the need to walk to fixed locations.

Additionally, any computer based training can be performed away from the manufacturing floor, to avoid interfering with busy teams.

Workers can use a computer or touchscreen tablet for a full standard 8-hour shift, depending on the amount of scanning and printing required, thanks to the on board 240 volt power supply.

Features & Benefits


Rugged mobile workstation for the harshest of environments.


On board power (240 Volts) available to run your IT equipment.


Workers have information at their fingertips.


Accessories including slider printer drawer.


PC Underling and VESA monitor mounts.


Made from long lasting tempered steel for longevity and strength.